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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 13, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news on this friday, august 13th. >> stabbing suspect, police say they have solved a string of serial murders across several states getting their machine just before he fled overseas. new leaks. the website that recently revealed thousands of u.s. military secrets is about to do it again. and unaccompanied minors. an airline allows three young kids to fly without checking with mom and dad. so who is to blame? and good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us. one city's summer of fear
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appears to be over. >> a suspected serial killer is now in custody. police believe he is responsible for violent slashings in at least three states that killed five people. >> mike marusarz tells us about the man who has been on the run for months. >> reporter: the accused serial slasher slipped out of police hands twice before he was finally snatched at an atlanta airport. just last week 33-year-old elias abuelazam was arrested during a traffic stop on an outstanding warrant outside d.c. police even found a knife and hammer inside his blazer. still, he posted bail and was released. >> that is he a question i want to ask him, why? i ask myself and i ask god why. >> reporter: 17-year-old antwaun wilson was alone on the street and then started stabbing. richard booker was almost murdered. >> i never hurt so much in my whole life.
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i've never come so close to death. >> reporter: it led them to a party store near flint where 14 attacks took place. >> he should be hanged. >> reporter: this man says he hired abuelazam a month ago. details from co-workers and store surveillance video helped convince police he was their guy. the israeli national is in america legally. as abuelazam waited for the flight he apparently talked to his mom in israel. she told a radiotation there he seemed calm and quiet. minutes before he boarded, he was paged to the ticket counter and police closed in. >> i hope he dies, you know, i hope we don't have to, you know, spend taxpayer money on him for 50 years. >> reporter: even though most of the victims are african-american police have still not determined an official motive. vinita, rob? >> all right, mike marusarz in new york, mike, thanks. in california weddings for gay couples could begin again next week.
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a federal judge has -- a federal judge's ruling cleared the way but late last night opponents filed an appeal to a higher court hoping to further delay same-sex ceremonies. ryan owens reports. >> reporter: in san francisco, supporters of gay marriage celebrated. the judge's decision to lift the ban. >> i think this is an amazing day. >> very happy, very excited. >> reporter: but they were quickly tempered by word of another delay. >> the wedding plans are still on hold. >> reporter: a week after federal judge vaughn walker struck down proposition 8, the supported ban on same-sex marriage he ruled they should proceed, just not quite yet. they can go forward beginning on wednesday. the delay gives opponents nearly a week to file an appeal. something they've already vowed to do. >> they have to first convince the court they have a substantial likelihood of ultimately winning this case and, second, that there be some
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irreparab irreparable injury suffered if not. >> reporter: here in predominantly gay west hollywood, the city set up this trellis in a park. they were expecting lines of people. now they say they'll do it all over next week. but couples who have been wa waiting years to tie the knot say they can wait another week. judge walker made it clear he does not think the opponents of gay marriage will have much luck with their appeal but then again that's not up to him. it's up to the justices of the 9th circuit court in san francisco and perhaps those of the united states supreme court. ryan owens, abc news, west hollywood, california. california's top two officials governor arnold schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown both support it. tests are being conducted to see if the well is permanently dead. its possible the cement pumped in could make a relief well unnecessary.
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we should know if that's the case today. the government's point man in the gulf, thad allen is said to be 50/50 on whether to scrap that procedure. meanwhile, bp is paying a record fine in the connection of a deadly 20050 refinery in texas. it shows their disrespect for safety but provides for worker protection. the pentagon is bracing for new leaks of classified documents. wikileaks is planning to release the rest of the secret papers it has on file. the pentagon warns that the release of those 15,000 documents would be even more damaging to the military than what has already been published. more u.s. aid is on the way to help pakistan battle its worst national disaster ever. people are battling over limited food supplies there. also, officials warn of illnesses carried by dirty water. nick schifrin has more from the
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flood zone. >> reporter: the water is rising. the anger is growing. and thousands of people are still trying not to drown. abdul wahab's family is stranded. when we arrive in his village, this is what we see. everything he owns washed away. "i've lost my home, my wheat," he says. "we could only save ourselves." and there are more worries. a nearby dam could burst this weekend flooding the area even more, and so evacuations increase. this group swam for seven hours to get to shore with their buffalo. those buffalo are their only source of income. and the problem continues to be that the rain keeps coming and the rivers keep on flooding from here in northwest pakistan all the way to the southern tip of the country. the path of destruction, 600 miles long. survivors receive little help. some have to live in a truck stop. the only food that arrived provided by private citizens. the government is accused of not
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doing enough. even this visit, shown on national television, was staged. the people in the beds are actors. a u.s. navy ship has arrived tripling the number of american helicopters here. but they can't deliver food fast enough. there's already a food shortage causing prices of basic items to quadruple. nick schifrin, abc news, dlala, pakistan. now for this morning's weather from around the nation. severe storms in kansas city. pop-up thunderstorms in the southeast but more widespread along the gulf coast. rain from west texas to new mexico, showers in the northern rockies and snow high in the mountains of western montana. >> it'll be 70 degrees in billings, 88 in salt lake city and 95 in albuquerque. heat advisories across the south. dallas hits 105. kansas city, 100. indianapolis, 97. 81 here in new york and 93 in atlanta. your money news is next. is the economy slipping back
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into a recession? plus, three kids hop a flight without telling their parents. should the airline have called mom and dad? and dr. laura apologizes for using the "n" word more than once.
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asian markets ended the week by pairing some heavy losses, the hope for a similar result today on wall street. >> the dow has lost ground five of the last six trading
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sessions. yesterday's loss stemmed from a weak unemployment report. dan anal has more now. dan? >> good morning, rob and vinita. it was a surprising number for economists who were expecting to see the volume of first-time jobless claims actually decrease. that increase to the highest rate of new unemployment claimants in spring was a disappointment that added to the latest fear about the economy. the past three days have seen the dow drop by 3.5% and investors are worried that profits at the end of 2010 will take a hit as consumers cut back on spending because of job worries. >> the ole normal was the u.s. consumer was spending at a rapid rate in excess of his or her income. the u.s. consumer can't go back to that. >> reporter: new data suggests the overall economy is still expanding but barely. it's got people on main street and wall street wondering if the new normal is a stalled recovery. dan arnall, abc news, new york.
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as we mentioned overseas markets have rebounded slightly from this week's slide. tokyo's nikkei average picked up 40 points today. hong kong's hang seng is down in late trading and london the ftse opened higher. the dow opens at 10,319 after losing 58 yesterday and the nasdaq index fell 18 points. general motors could file for an initial public stock offering today after reporting a $1.3 billion quarterly profit. a filing could lead to the federal government selling all of the gm shares acquired during the auto industry bailout. they currently own 61% of gm. the nation's so-called food police are asking if b bben & ben & jerry's is making false claims about its products. the center for science says 48 of ben & jerry's 53 flavors of all natural ice cream actually contain unnatural ingredients. the company is now being threatened with lawsuits unless it stops making its claim of being all natural.
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>> still want to eat it? >> i think so. all right. the super bowl champs open preseason play and highlights from espn coming up. a surfer knew something was lurking beneath so he grabbed a camera to see just what it was.
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good morning. washington, d.c., well, power is still out to thousands after violent storms rolled through yesterday. the wild weather dumped more than 4 inches of rain on some parts of the area. much lighter showers keep roads damp around d.c. wet on i-95 from the carolinas to florida and on i-10 from mobile to biloxi and new orleans. flooding from kansas city to des moines and the twin cities, especially along stretches of i-35, 70 and 80. >> if you are flying delay
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expect delays in minneapolis, kansas city, charlotte, atlanta and new orleans. three florida kids are back with their families after a joyride that took them 500 miles away from home. >> the minors hopped a plane and a cab by themselves but they were never stopped or questioned along the way. so who is to blame? the kids or the airline. they're still unpacking after a real spur of the moment trip. three underaged kids who flew from their hometown of jacksonville, florida, to nashville, tennessee. 13-year-old bobby nolan asked his friends if they wanted to hang out. 15-year-old bridget brown texted a flight to nashville after saving $700 from baby-sitting. she found out they cost $238 each for an afternoon flight so bridget, bobby and her 11-year-old brother called a cab and rode to the airport and bought their three tickets at the airport. >> we paid him then he put the flight things on our bags then
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he said you better run because you might miss your flights. >> reporter: the kids said nobody asked about their parents. nobody even asked for identification. >> we just took our stuff out of our pockets, our shoes off and walked through it and they didn't say nothing. >> on board they snacked on free pretzels because they only had $40 left. at dinnertime bobby's parents called him to come home and got his voice mail. a cab picked up their kids earlier. after calling cab companies to find out where they went, the phone rang. >> owe called. we're in nashville, i'm ready to come home. >> so they boarded another flight in nashville and flew home, another $700 down the drain. southwest airlines says its policies allow 11-year-olds to fly as long as someone age 12 or older is flying with them. now, the kids say they were hoping to visit dollywood but they never made it because they flew into the wrong city. we have a snapshot this morning of new orleans nearly five years after hurricane katrina.
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a poll from the kaiser family foundation says that 59% of its residents say the city has not recovered. 70% believe most americans have simply forgotten about the challenges that new orleans still faces and nearly a quarter are considering moving away. talk radio hose dr. laura schlessinger is apologizing for repeatedly saying the "n" word. she was trying to make a philosophical point to a caller that it shouldn't be automatically taken as offensive but since acknowledged it was wrong. she realized she made a horrible mistake and was too upset to finish the show. the olympic gymnastics team has been awarded bronze medals from the 2000 olympics. they received them ten years after finishing fourth in the games. the chinese who originally won the bronze were stripped of medals because one team member was underage. an update on how tiger woods is faring at the pga championships not to mention
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some football and baseball. all that now from espn news. i'm sara walsh with your espn news update. forget the wild card race, the phillies have their eye on another division title. jonathan broxton taking on the dodgers. at one point they were down seven runs in the eighth but in the bottom of the nineth, francisco, a grounder to left through the cases of blake. now 9-8, phillies are down. next batter carlos ruiz has the double, two runs score and phillies come all the way back to win this one, 10-9. let's go golfing. fog delayed the start of round 1 of the pga by three hours and ten minutes. tiger woods at par or worst, the longest stretch of his career but off to a good start in this one. on the par 4 9th, tiger's second shot of the day, sticks it within ten feet of the cup.
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here's his enshoe suing birdie putt shot a 1 under 71. tom brady and the patriots taking on the saints for their preseason game. patriots up 3-0. brady, firing and finding randy moss for the 23-yard pickup and patriots go on to score a touchdown. brady had 67 yards. second quarter, reggie bush walking that one into the end zone and saints go on to lose this one, 27-24. have a great day. back to you in the studio. >> well, now to an amazing shark tale with the pictures to prove it. >> a surfer off san diego captured this incredible video of two great white sharks that came up close and personal, so close that one of them whipped its tail right in front of the camera. one of the sharks was nine feet long but after 12 minutes they swam away without attacking the surfer.
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now a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this friday. suspect in a series of slashings could face extradition hearing in atlanta federal court. he is charged in just one michigan case but police link him to many other attacks. bp and the government are testing the oil well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico. they're trying to determine if the mud and cement that have already been pumped into the well is enough to permanently kill it. that would make continuing to drill a relief well unnecessary. president obama signs a $600 million measure to help border agents and law officers stop the flow of illegal immigrants and illicit drugs across the mexican border. laters the president will host a dinner celebrating ramadan at the white house. coming up later on "good morning america," a rare entertainment doubleheader in our summer concert series, the jonas brothers and demi lovato
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and to lactaid® milk. easy to digest and with all the calcium and vitamin d of regular milk. [ female announcer ] lactaid®. the original lactose-free milk. finally from us this morning, that flight attendant's
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soaring popularity may now be in for a nosedive. >> steven slater's story is now being called into question as new revelations emerge about what really happened before his dramatic exit from that jetblue flight. more from aaron katersky. >> reporter: in a new york minute, steven slater became a working class hero. >> thank you all so much. it's been amazing, the support and love, everything that's been brought to me and given to me by my community and friends. >> reporter: but no allegations tarnish the image of the overnight sensation. one passenger told "the new york daily news" he was very disturbed. he was almost hysterical. >> this guy was like a jerk the whole time. like i'm getting so frustrated with all these people who keep saying that he's a hero because he wasn't. >> reporter: police sources tell abc news witnesses aboard monday's infamous jetblue flight have discredited slater's story about what set him off. grabbed beer, deployed the emergency chute and left the
4:59 am
plane. >> at the end of this event there was lack of civility on the part of one person and it was inappropriate. >> reporter: a few witnesses also claim slater was rude and drinking on the job and that set off a few comments on facebook. this guy is a liar, one said. keep worshiping at the alter of a dramatic dope. the district attorney is now sorting out what happened and slater's attorney says he is trying to resolve the criminal charges against him. steven slater lives did just down the block. his lawyer says he wants his privacy back and when all of this is over he wants to be a flight attendant again. there's no word whether any airline wants him but at least one unnamed relaxation beverage company has made slater an offer. aaron katersky, abc news, belle harbor, new york. >> the story just people just love talking about. >> ain't going away. that's what is making news in america this morning. >> get more on "good morning america" or any time a


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